To the visitor:

You will not find so a lot of caught fish, here.

For a very long time, I never wanted a picture taken of my fish. I was more than ready to lend them to my dive buddies for their pictures but I didnít like the idea of that beautiful creature dead and inert in the image. So I have only memories (mines and of friends) of beautiful catches. Like one that now I regret, of a wonderful Dentice (Dentex dentex) of 13.2 kg caught in Sardinia. Or, with a friend, of a bunch of 14 Dentex with a specimen of more that ten kilos among them. I remember well the steel cable full of fish kept high against the setting sun at the end of a wonderful long day.

I started taking pictures only when it dawned on me that what I was seeing in the water was not eternal. And that that wonderful fish was possibly never seen again by me in those waters. In the Mediterranean Sea, regularly, years after years, I saw one quarter of the fish life than the year before. It was appalling. So, I started taking pictures to help me remember what once was and perhaps will not be again. Sad but true.

So, here youíll find more like a series of encounters than a gallery of slain fish. 

Off course, youíll find that also!