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In search of the

New Zealand Giant Tuna

We went fishing in New Zealand south island. We planned to try spearfishing the a deep chasm more than forty miles from the West Coast. We were seaching for such fish. The beautiful boat was the Legacy.

We were divers.  Kyle Nakamotofrom Hawaii, Eric Walker from Virgin Islands, Craig Clasen from New Orleans, and myself from Italy. As a representative of Blue Waters Hunting International we had  Andy Ruddockfrom Sydney, Australia, and Dean Martin and Steve Hathaway , both from New Zealand, as local guides and experts of spearfishing Giant Tunas. In 2006 Steve took a 232 monster and Dean  of 292 kg!

We were searching for ships  like this with under them.

Around, a live Ocean, with of  birds and giants


And we take the tunas. Well, half of us, anyway.



was the first one to take his. On the same day , exausted, took his .

For Kyle and me things went not so well. In both cases our tuna under the ocean surface, towing after his shape (me) to (Kyle) liters of floats!!!

Back to the we the tunas.

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